Market Knowledge

Every Monday, The Daily Quant publishes a 7-day overview containing tools that will inform smart investment strategies and identify key variables driving your returns. We publish The Daily before each trading session to offer investors a summary of the technical and news events that shaped the prior day. We then look forward to the current day’s session and beyond with guidance around the key support and resistance levels.

Weekly Review

Our Weekly review covers the day to day changes within the market and encapsulates the news events that drove the market direction. The weekly graph illustrates the minute by minute change each session relative to the one before and also how the market ended the week.

Market Overview

Market Overview Each trading day the market operates within the bounds of key support and resistance levels. These levels establish the range and target goals for the market to move toward. In the course of each session, these levels are tested and/or broken. Depending on how the market responds when these levels are reached, determines the direction the market will take from there.

S&P 500 Stock Pacing

S&P 500 Stock Pacing The Stock Pacing chart breaks down the members of the S&P 500 and how these stocks are performing relative to the composite average. This highlights the number of stocks generating returns per percentage compared to the Average.

By the Box

By the Box There are times in which the style box concentration has additional impact on the performance of a portfolio. This chart shows the returns of each style box using 6 ETFs. It also illustrates the divergence between each specific style box to the best.

YTD Performance

YTD Performance Our year to date performance chart illustrates the gains or losses of four major domestic indices and the change that took place the prior week.